Three Minute Thesis - Current Innovative Health Research

  • Oct 17th, 2018 at 04:16 pm
  • Rock Creek Tap and Grill - #210 - 3020 Preston Ave., Saskatoon
  • Graduate Students Association


Graduate Students Association

Review of Current Innovative Health Research

Graduate Students at the University of Saskatchewan compete in an annual National 3-minute Thesis Competition occuring at over 200 univerities world-wide.  We are inviting the Graduate Students Association to have a number of Doctoral Students working in the areas of innovative health research to present summaries of their work that would be of interest to the business community or have potential for commercialization in the Three Minute Thesis format. 

Three Minute Thesis challenges doctoral candidates to present a compelling spoken presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes.

The 3 Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition is an internationally recognized research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland in 2008. The 3MT® is a unique competition that challenges thesis-based graduate students to present their research and its significance in only three minutes, with only one PowerPoint slide, in language appropriate to a general audience. Due to its success, competitions are now held annually around the world.

The 3MT® is designed to share and celebrate the outstanding research of our dedicated students and to provide students the opportunity to showcase the importance of their work. This celebration of research offers an invaluable opportunity for graduate students to compose and present their research in a way that engages the academic community and refines the quality of their work.


  • Let's 3D print a customized structure for biomedical applications!  By: Saman Naghieh

  • Extraction, Analysis of Phytosterols and Tocopherols in Canola Waste Stream and Their Incorporation in Food Products    
    By: Asmita Poudel and Kang Jiang

  • ‘Engineering T Cells to Become Cancer Killers: Using an Antibody Engineering Platform for Optimization of CAR T Technology’ 
    by Ashley Sutherland 

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