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In times of change, new problems and constraints are the seeds of innovations; businesses are created or adapted to solve them. Imagine, invent and innovate are ways we adapt, survive and thrive.

Office of Health Innovation and Economic Development, OHI is launching online the Re-Think-Re-Connect Campaign.  Innovations happen when we create collision of ideas, minds and experiences.  This is your opportunity to Re-Connect and Re-Think.

Have you encountered something in your business, organization or industry that needs to be solved? Have you solved something or found a new way of doing something that you want to share? Have you had to pivot in some way to find new paths?

It is time to put Prairie ingenuity to work for the Province, Canada and the World. Share your ideas and experiences with us and we would like to share them in regular video updates with others. We will also host online events where we feature these ideas and businesses and the people behind them.  Sign up to receive an email notification every time a new story is uploaded. Share your Re-Think and Let’s Re-Connect.  

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Office of Health Innvation CEO provides an overview of OHI Re-Think - Re-Connect Podcasts.

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Serese Selanders - SolusGuard

Join OHI CEO, Sanj Singh in conversation with Serese Selanders, CEO of SolusGuard.  SolusGuard, a Saskatchewan based company and Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) have collaborated to trial an employee alert system for remote health workers is the first project funded by the Can Health Network.  . https://solusguard.com/

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Mike Wesolowski - Luxonic

Join Host Sanj Singh, CEO of the Office of Health Innovation (OHI) in conversation with Mike Wesolowski, CEO of Luxonic Technologies in a discussion of empowering the healthcare industry with immersive tools that enhance medical education, professional training, and healthcare delivery. https://luxsonic.ca/


Health Innovation Economic Forum - Food is Medicine (Date is Tentative)
  • Remai Riverside Terrace, 102 Spadina Cres East, Saskatoon, SK

  • Next event: Jun 24th, 2021

Presented by: Office of Health Innovation Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc.
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