Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc.

As an organization, Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc., educates and promotes opportunities for business services, education, research, commercialization and development in health services, and explains the role of the health industry in creating economic prosperity in the Province of Saskatchewan.  The Organization is supported by volunteer members of the business, health services, research and academia communities with an objective of promoting the innovation and business opportunities in the health sector.

Our Mission

Create the ecosystem, networks and alliances which support individuals and organizations seeking to conceive, test, develop and market innovative products, services and solutions for health and wellness.


Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc. (OHI) is a not-for-profit chartiable organization in partnership with the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC).  It is spearheaded by passionate staff and volunteers who serve the health market.  OHI sprouted from the tremendous work spanning almost 20 years of the Health Opportunities Committee of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.   OHI affiliation with a provincial body, such as the SCC strengthens the reach and breadth, allowing the mission to reach new heights in promoting a culture of health innovation in Saskatchewan.

Knowledge economy can fuel innovation that supports the growth and prosperity of industries.  Creating new products/services or improving on existing products/services; new methods of production or process; opening new markets; utilising a new source of supply to create products or services and/or restructuring/disrupting existing industries.

Many of these innovations are created, developed and commercialized by young and emerging companies. A rich fertile soil combined with the right nutrients, these companies can thrive.

About Us

Designed to create collisions among key actors within the entire spectrum of the value chain from research, development, manufacturing and commercialization:

  • to showcase the breadth of  sectors and their work  such as, but not limited to, agriculture, medicine, diagnostics, smart materials and building design and methods of construction, community and city planning, water and food security, digital technology impact on health
  • how collaboration can lead to innovation which can contribute to the economic development
  • create new dialogue on new opportunities
  • provide a platform to form new partnerships


Join Health Innovation and Economic Development’s Office of Health Innovation (OHI) for our quarterly Health Innovation Forums held at the Remai Modern Gallery in Saskatoon.  This forum will focus on Saskatchewan’s burgeoning health innovation cluster with multiple attributes along the continuum from research to commercialization. This workshop is designed to highlight these attributes while identifying opportunities for turning our health innovation cluster into global leaders.

Target Audience:

Successful and aspiring business people with interest in health and technology, financiers, industry participants, academics-Universities and Technical Institutes, lawyers and accountants interested in intellectual property and securities law, board members at health and technology based organizations, health businesses, technology businesses, engineers (electrical and software/computer engineers), non-profit foundations and organizations


Appealing to those within the sectors of business, government, health services, health professionals, academic community, medical research, patient oriented research and investment, this conference explores the potential of Saskatchewan not only as a recognized centre of health and research excellence, but also one wherein medical discoveries and innovative theory become business, economic and community opportunities. 

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Health Innovation Economic Forum - Food is Medicine (Date is Tentative)
  • Remai Riverside Terrace, 102 Spadina Cres East, Saskatoon, SK

  • Next event: Jun 24th, 2021

Presented by: Office of Health Innovation Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc.
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