Saskatoon - A City of Innovation

  • Nov 15th, 2017 at 04:16 pm
  • Rock Creek Tap and Grill - #210 3020 Preston Ave.
  • Mayor Charlie Clark

The Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is pleased to host our November 15, 2017  "What's HOT in Healthcare" featuring His Honor, Mayor Charlie Clark on building a better health sector business environment in Saskatoon as part of the overall economic diversity and prosperity for the community.  


Mayor Charlie Clark City if Saskatoon

Saskatoon - City of Innovation

Saskatoon leads the nation in both life satisfaction and a competitive business environment, according to recent reports from two Canadian economic think tanks.

The Conference Board of Canada in December released highlights of its City Health Monitor study showing Saskatoon topped the list of 10 major Canadian cities based on the health performance of the city and its citizens. At the same time, The C.D. Howe Institute released findings showing Saskatoon has the most competitive tax rates for businesses among major Canadian cities.

“The combination of our quality of life and economic competitiveness is what makes us strong as a city,’’ Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark said.

Saskatoon City Manager Murray Totland said the city has been striving to achieve such results for years and they should bode well for job creation, among other benefits. “Our attention to city council’s strategic goals such as quality of life and economic diversity and prosperity lead to a community with good jobs, schools, health care and people – it’s what makes Saskatoon a great place to live.”

Mayor Clark will speak about finding convergence among the developing trends of technological innovation, high performance organizations, and greater integration of Human Services. The dynamics of these trends are impacting City Hall as well as the Health Care Sector.  Mayor Clark looks forward to a discussion on how we can build integrated systems that find the sweet spot for positioning Saskatchewan as a leader in Health Care innovation.