Present State:Future State - Saskatoon's Hospital Foundations

  • Jan 17th, 2018 at 04:16 pm
  • Rock Creek Tap and Grill - #210 3020 Preston Ave.
  • CEO's of Saskatoon Hospital Foundations.


CEO's of Saskatoon Hospital Foundations.

Present State: Future State
Saskatoon’s Hospital Foundations investment in Research and Innovation

Saskatoon’s Hospital Foundation’s mandate is to raise funds through donor support for their respective Hospital. While people are aware of the impact donor support has had on equipment, technology and capital through our campaigns, Foundations have also engaged donors and partners to invest in healthcare research and innovation. Representatives from the SCHF, SPHF, RUHF and JPCHF will outline what impact research has had, what current opportunities there are  and what the future holds.