Charting the Path - Geospatial Solutions for Healthcare

  • Nov 21st, 2018 at 04:16 pm
  • Rock Creek Tap and Grill - #210 - 3020 Preston Ave., Saskatoon
  • Josh Glew

Geospatial Solutions for Healthcare

Geomatics can be used to understand important locational health information.


Josh Glew opusHS (Opus Health Services)

Charting the Path - Geospatial Solutions for Healthcare 

A significant challenge in health care is understanding the spatial relationships between our health, our communities, and our environments.  An equally significant challenge is understanding that the resources for our health: healthy food, education, health care practitioners, clinics and hospitals are integrated into those spatial relationships. Health and wellness is a geospatial challenge.

As technology and the way we view the world changes, so do our abilities to develop solutions. Geomatics and geospatial tools are being used in myriad of ways to connect individuals with health care faster and more effectively. opusHealthServices, or opusHS, is dedicated to working with partners across the healthcare industry in Canada to identify challenges, and develop custom solutions.

Geomatics can be used to understand important locational health information such as mapping and identifying health trends, tracking the spread and extent of disease, and identifying connections between environmental conditions and health outcomes. It can also be used to more effectively connect people with health resources such as helping patients navigate to appropriate care, matching patient loads to health providers, and minimizing the travel component of health care delivery. opusHS will discuss solutions we have developed in these areas, and look to how geospatial solutions can continue to chart the path to better heath.

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