Media Release: Can we continue to be heroes when we are going bankrupt?

  • May 13th, 2020
  • Sanj Singh



May 13, 2020                         

 “Can we continue to be heroes when we are going bankrupt?”
Re-thinking Physicians Practices for the Future

(Saskatoon, SK.)  A sentiment voiced by a physician and felt across Canada where fee for service family physicians or primary doctors are in jeopardy of closing their practice. A recent survey by the Ontario Medical Association of 4,830 members across the province, noted that 49 per cent said they will be forced to close their clinics if something doesn’t change.

In Alberta, Doctors could go bankrupt over the shift to virtual health during the COVID-19 pandemic because fees are too low, and a newly-funded health app by Telus isn’t a health-care solution, the Edmonton Zone Medical Association said in a press release. With sweeping changes taking place in fee structures physicians are facing a storm on many fronts.

In Saskatchewan, things are a bit different. The SMA and Government are working on finding solutions that serves patients, communities and doctors and their employees.  This approach alone may attract physicians to see Saskatchewan as the go to place. Perceptions are changing about Saskatchewan, the opportunities and multitude of life-work balance it offers.

According to the College of Family Physicians of Canada, access to timely care is dependent on the availability of properly trained health professionals. Not everyone has a family physician and it is challenging to find one. Although 98.4% of Medical Residents matched, there were a total of 52 positions unfilled, 33 of which were in family medicine according to CARMS 2019 statistics. It is not surprising recent graduates are reluctant to commit to family practice given the managerial responsibilities and high overheads of running an office.

“Saskatchewan government and the SMA have a good relationship,” comments Dr. M. Singh, a 35 year veteran serving Saskatoon and Warman community and owner of Gama Medical Center (GMDC). “Warman is a thriving place and offers all the amenities you expect from a big city with the comforts and warmth of a small community. I built Gama Medical Center to serve the residents of Warman and the surrounding community and I never thought a day would come where medical practices would be closing. For my fellow colleagues, established or just about to enter practice for the first time, perhaps we can be of help.  GMDC structure is set up to handle the managerial responsibilities leaving physicians to focus on what they do best-practice medicine.

“Increasing recognition of the impact of integrated and multi disciplinary approach to primary health on the quality of our lives is catching on,” comments Sanj Singh, CEO of OHI, a non profit charitable corporation which advocates for health innovation and its impact on economic development. “Warman is an ideal place to showcase the concept’s potential. Complementing the existing cornerstones of medicine and pharmacy, could be restaurants focused on farm to table food, registered dieticians providing nutrition counselling, mental health services and coaching, fitness facilities, nurse practitioners and other primary health and wellness care providers. The opportunities and partnerships are boundless. GAMA Enterprises, which owns the block of land adjacent to GMDC, envisions a health and wellness district which incorporates principles of integrated primary health.  This could transform peoples’ lives”.

“Warman has a progressive approach to support our physicians and clinics.  We value the service all of our clinics provide and applaud their growth and success. We support their efforts to attract and retain physicians to our community, to help preserve access and quality of service our residents have come to expect,” comments Richard Beck, Chairperson of the Warman Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee.   City of Warman is one the fastest growing cities in Canada, with an average age of under 40 and is located less than 10 minute drive from Saskatoon and is a gateway to lake country. University of Saskatchewan, Jim Pattison’s Children Hospital, world renowned Remai Modern Art Gallery, one of Canada’s oldest and successful symphony orchestras, the SSO, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, World Heritage site Wanuskewin and with the best summer festivals, makes this area the cultural and recreational capital of the Prairies and an envy of many.

Growth plan on the adjacent property and block could be a timely opportunity for family physicians and potentially other specialities such as pediatricians. Physicians can build a solid practice, raise a family, and enjoy a life-work balance, while at the same time providing residents much needed access to timely and multi disciplinary professional care. Dr. Singh adds, “I would encourage my colleagues who maybe looking for a fresh start and some certainty to reach out and explore.  We know that Warman residents would be appreciative”.    


Gama Medical Center is a medical office and minor emergency clinic located in the heart of Warman, with another location in the City of Saskatoon.  Full time, part time physicians as well as locum physicians can join Gama’s team.  GMDC 12,000 sq. ft. is a state of the art facility built with LEED principles and is fully equipped with electronic medical records (Accuro) and offers full time onsite X-ray and laboratory services.  Gama’s team are well trained, courteous and professional and ensure you and your loved ones are cared for in the best way possible.  GMDC also has a pharmacy conveniently adjacent to the clinic.  GMDC central location within walking distance of schools, restaurants, recreational centres and City Hall and ample parking makes it appealing for patrons.


 Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc. is non profit charitable entity set up in 2019 in Saskatchewan. Its vision is to transform people’s lives through health and wellness innovation leading to economic well-being. The mission is to create the ecosystem, networks and alliances which support individuals and organizations seeking to conceive, test, develop and market innovative products, services and solutions for the health and wellness economy.  The organization was spun out from the work of the Health Opportunities Committee of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and more recently the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce to better serve its mission.  Known as OHI, the organization will endeavour to accomplish this by creating meaningful collisions between academia, clinical services, government and industry by providing consultancy, advisory, policy and advocacy services.


NAME: Sanj Singh, CEO of Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc.
PHONE: +1(306)261-5189


Sanj Singh

Sanj Singh is CEO of Health Innovation and Economic Development Inc.

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